Fourth National Trade Fair & Forum "Independent Heat & Power Engineering" will be held April, 11-13, 2017 in exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza".

"Independent Heat & Power Engineering" - exhibition of solutions for those who wants to reduce heating costs:

  •   in their own home;
  •   in an apartment building for condominium owners;
  •   in commercial real estate;
  •   in municipal and departmental buildings.

 Rising gas prices for households and commercial consumers has led to increased demand on solid biofuel boilers, heat pumps, biofuels (pellets and briquettes) heliocollectors, insulation materials and measuring&control appliances, so the exhibition will bring together equipment manufacturers, service companies and providers of solutions to reduce natural gas consumption.

In past years, the event aroused great interest in the professional community and received official support of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the Association of Cities of Ukraine, international programs USAID, NEFCO, IFC, GIZ.

An integral part of the event is a forum of leading market players and experts in energy conservation, energy efficiency and thermomodernization, and in April, 2017 "Independent Heat&Power Engineering" again will held open-for-visitors event, in which we invite all interested to participate.

This time there  will be a lot of topics for discussion, here’s reasons why:

- National Action Plans for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency determine that in 2020 Ukraine is expected to reach 11% of renewable energy in the total energy consumption and at the same time reduce energy consumption by 9%.

- Unlike previous declarative slogans, in the 2016 the state policy of Ukraine made a significant step towards the ambitious goals, not least due to the transition to a market price of gas:

  • "Warm" loans for private households were introduced
  • Established "green" tariff for electricity producers - both commercial and private.
  • The requirement of "local" component was cancelled, and instead introduced a surcharge for the use of Ukrainian origin’ equipment.
  • Started the process of executive power decentralization and, consequently, redistribution of the budget in favor of local communities.
  • In the public sector have already signed the first energy service contracts (ESCO mechanism).

- At the level of the foreign policy Ukraine acceded to the Paris climate agreement, has started the procedure of accession to the International Agency for Renewable Energy (IRENA) and continues to work on implementing the European directives on energy efficiency and eco-design.


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