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12 April Franch Space. START 1., pav #1
Bioenergy Day.
Partner of Event:Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.
10:30-10:55Welcoming speech.
Y. Shafarenko, Director of Renewable Energy Sources Dept., SAEE
10:55-12:15Discussion 1: Prospects for a competitive heating market in Ukraine.
10:55-11:10Presentation and discussion of the concept for implementing competition in heat supply systems of Ukraine.
G. Geletukha, Head of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine
11:10-11:20EU experience in creating of competitive heating markets.
D. Korsakaite, the Head of Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine Project, USAID
11:20-11:30Ukrteplokomunenergo position on the competitive heating market.
A. Blashchuk, President, Ukrteplokomunenergo Intersectoral Association
11:30-11:40The position of NGO "Club of Mayors" on the competitive heating market.
V. Udovychenko, President, NGO "Club of Mayors"
12:15-13:20Discussion 2: Prospects for a competitive market of biofuels in Ukraine.
12:15-12:30Public presentation and discussion of biofuels market concept (stock exchange) in Ukraine.
T. Zhelezna, PhD, UABIO Expert, Senior Staff Scientist of IET NASU, Head of Dept., SEC Biomass
12:30-12:40Position of Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Interregional Specialized" on the creation of a competitive biofuels market in Ukraine.
13:20-15:00Discussion 3: Experience of bioenergy development in the EU.
13:20-13:40European experience for bioenergy development in Ukraine on the example of B4B S2Biom projects of Horizon 2020 program.
T. Zhelezna, PhD, UABIO Expert, Senior Staff Scientist of IET NASU, Head of Dept., SEC Biomass
13:40-14:00World experience of using woody biomass from pruning and uprooting plantations for energy purposes. The potential benefits for Ukrainian conditions.
O. Haidai, Senior Consultant, SEC Biomass
14:00-14:20KUHN arguments for reducing the cost of pressing residues.
Y. Urda, Regional Manager, KUHN-Ukraine
14:20-14:40Growing of a sustainable feedstock for production of biofuels in the abandoned and contaminated land. The first results of FORBIO international project.
O. Tryboi, Senior Consultant, SEC Biomass
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