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11 April Franch Space. START 1., pav #1
Energy Efficient Solutions for Non-Residential Housing: Municipal and Commercial Facilities.
Supported by:GIZ.
15:00-15:20Welcoming coffee.
15:20-15:35Current financial programs and experience of implementing energy efficiency projects in Ukraine.
O. Dumik, The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO
15:35-16:00Energy service in the public sector of Ukraine: progress in 2016, the establishment of additional incentives for government and business. Outlook 2017: energy service as a part of energy management.
O. Korchmit, KyivESCO
16:00-16:20Diagnosis of engineering systems of municipal and commercial buildings as a first step towards energy saving and complex thermomodernization.
O. Klepanda, Director, Insolar-Klimat, LLC
16:20-16:40NEF Syngas as a solution for biomass utilization and energy production.
O. Shevchenko, CEO, New Energy Facilities
16:40-17:00Production of electricity by "green" tariff from biomass, obtained in solid waste sorting.
A. Storozhuk, Director, Sater-Ecoenergo Group of Companies
17:00-17:20The use of heat pumps in office and commercial buildings in Ukraine.
O. Trubiy, Director, R-Energy, LLC
17:20-18:00Standards of energy audit by American Institute BPI. Practical energy efficient solutions for commercial and public areas from 'Adamson' experience.
V. Gelyukh, The Head of Energy Audit Dept., Energy service company "Adamson"
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