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13 April Franch Space. START 1., pav #1
Energy efficient solutions for housing stock: condominiums and private households.
Supported by:GIZ.
10:30-10:50Energy service in residential buildings: the benefits of partnership of co-owners and business. Pilot projects in 2017, conditions for "ESCO-housing" mechanism scaling in Ukraine.
O. Korchmit, Expert of PA "Municipal energy", Advisor to the Chairman, State Agency on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of Ukraine
10:50-11:10How to upgrade building with quality materials and offset some of the costs. IQ Energy EBRD Energy Efficiency Program.
O. Bulgakova, Director of EBRD Energy Efficiency Program in the Residential Sector, IQ Energy
11:10-11:30Mechanisms of thermomodernization financing for condominiums.
T. Boyko, Coordinator of Utility and Energy Programs, OPORA Civil Network
11:30-11:50Theory and practice of thermomodernization projects for housing stock. The role of condominiums in the implementation of energy efficiency measures in residential buildings. Available financial instruments.
V. Pokhorelova, Consultant of GIZ Project in Ukraine "Energy Efficiency in Communities"
11:50-12:10A comprehensive energy audit as a precondition for thermomodernization of housing livestock: sources of funding, feasibility, definition of experts competence.
S. Mashkara, Member of the Board, Association of Energy Auditors SO
12:10-12:40Coffee break.
12:40-13:00An integrated approach and typical errors in thermomodernazation of buildings.
R. Musiets, Director, Tex-Color, LLC
13:00-13:20Innovative thermomodernization technologies in setting glass in buildings.
T. Morozova, Marketing Director, Global Glass Construction, LLC
13:20-13:40The technological breakthrough in energy saving.
T. Nemchyna, the Head of Project, EndoTherm
13:40-14:00Cooper&Hunter air-to-water heat pumps: practice of application in apartment buildings.
R. Kryuchkovenko, STEP Corporation
14:00-14:30Prospects of heat pump development in Ukraine and the problems that prevent it.
B. Basok, PhD, Corresponding Member of the NASU, Vice-President of the Ukrainian National Heat Pumps Association
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